Today I decided to wake up early and go to Freo with my boy who had to work there, find a cosy cafe for a long brekkie to work and sort my long To-Do list out. Ended up going to Il Cibo, a fairly big cafe just on the start of Market St.


I cant believe how great it was. I eat out often but it is not common that cafe’s in Perth impress me. Now Australia has a massive cafe culture but Perth is really just developing to get up to speed to the Eastern states. After living in Bondi and Bronte I might be spoilt from all the great choices and even though there are heaps of great little cafes here in Perth they never tick ALL my boxes.   Il Cibo did! From the first moment a waiter caught my attention with his witty friendliness and offer to give me anything I wanted when I was hesitating on what to choose. Big Tick!! Now that’s top notch service from the start!

To me a cafe needs:

  • Great juices with lots of green veggies on offer (cucumber, spinach, celery, herbs…)
  • Sourdough bread – real! Not the half fabricated stuff.
  • Fresh healthy menu
  • Cool, trendy, nice, oldstyle, raw, beautiful… Aussie cafes have great style – but please keep it clean and fresh! Hate to come into crumbs on chairs, sticky tables, pillows that feel dirty to sit on…
  • Not be freezing from air-con
  • Waiters to be happy to change items on the menu (there is NOTHING I hate more than restaurants where they don’t like to change the menu for you – what happened to customer is always right?)
  • Happy friendly service (Now that is not the most common thing here in Australia)
  • Small and unique

Now even if Il Cibo (which I didnt expect anything extraordinary from being a big cafe on a main strip) isn’t small i would still call it unique and it ticked all my boxes! On top of that it had wifi – that worked! And the waiter even came and asked me if it works fine? Now that never happened to me before! The cute little homewares store attached is a great plus too!

Thank you Matthew at Il Cibo for offering me cucumber in my juice or anything else I’d like even if it wasn’t on the menu. You glued a smile on my lips this morning!

xxx, Axel