This beautiful mystic volcanic country that makes us think about vikings, snow, hot springs and cool design has always been on our Bucketlist. The thought of exploring incredible waterfalls, geothermal pools,  icy glaciers and a landscape smokey from all the hot springs ignites all our  Wanderlust buttons!

And in a  wonderful spontaneous moment when planning our US Roadtrip in line with the launch of our upcoming journal ‘Life’s a Roadtrip’  we realised that we had the option of a stop on out flights from Copenhagen to NYC. Basically,  if you book flights via Iceland Air they offer you an enticing ‘7 night stopover’ with no additional charge to your airfare.  A quick call to our travel agent and we were all booked in – excited to start our big US road trip a bit early by exploring the famous Ring Road 1 for a sneaky 3 day road trip in Iceland Baby! And it didn’t fail to impress.



Ring Road 1 We started out our trip on the long bare but still oh so beautiful Ring Road that is lined with rock formations that are covered by the most incredible dark green moss (it’s trademark) – you won’t believe your eyes! The road goes all the way around the country and it takes approximately 24 hours to drive around the island if you don’t stop – which is basically impossible! If you are anything like us and love to stop and explore little towns, interact with the locals and snap amazing  photos, make sure to plan in a lot of extra time so you can see all it’s beauty!

Reykjadalur Hot Spring We drove South for about 40 mins from Reykjavík, to explore our first stop – the Reykjadalur Hot Springs.  Directly translating to ‘steam valley’, Reykjadalur is an actual steaming river that holds true to its name with clouds of white mist floating in every direction. In order to get to this magical hot spring river you have to do a moderate hike for about 50 minutes. When we got to the start of the hike the temperature was around 7 degrees with such strong winds that we almost blew us of course! (When you hear that Iceland can have 4 seasons in one day, they’re definitely not lying!). When we freezing cold finally reached the misty hot springs we never thought we’d want to strip down to our bathers… But as soon as we melted into the steamy water, it was honestly like heaven on earth – we never wanted to leave We  had a tight schedule and could only stay for an hour  but could have easily stayed for 3-4!

Blue Lagoon After our hike, next was time to relax the entire afternoon in this utterly amazing place! See more on our next post on this absolute gem…

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall On day 2 we decided to go glacier & waterfall hopping! It was truly spectacular to  get up close and personal to this majestic fall which is the one fall in Iceland where you can actually walk right behind and 360 degree all around the waterfall. Originating  from the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull and surrounded by  green lushes plants and epic views over the farmland and mountains, it was absolutley breathtaking. There is also a fun trail west to the falls where you can hike and see more waterfalls.

Skogafoss Waterfall Next stop was Iceland’s most famous waterfall and you really can understand why. The sheer power of this waterfall was just over whelming. You can get up close, but be prepared to get wet by all the mist from this 60 meter waterfall. There are a few trails that lead up to the top of the waterfall, our favourite was the ‘man made’ second stop before the top where you get a really good view of the waterfall surrounded by lush greenery – careful not to slip!

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WE ATE: Lots of local goodness! Iceland is very self sustainable when it comes to meats , fish and their water is the freshest in the world. Three favourites were

Braud & Co
A favourite amongst the locals, This cute bakery is a must try for the pastry lover. Grab a morning coffee (Across the road at Rejykavik Coffee Roasters) and some snacks (Apple & custard pastry – delicious!) for the road, as every day Iceland is sure to be an adventure.

Lava, Blue lagoon 
After floating around in the soft silica water for four hours, we were treated to a gastronomical feast at the onsite award winning Lava restaurant. Contemporary dishes with locally sources ingredients like  Freshly caught fish cooked to perfection and the liquorice infused desert… Did someone say liquorice?  Rock covered walls  was complimenting the beauty of the lit up geothermal pools that surrounds you through big glass windows. This is the perfect end of a long day n the blue gem!

We love finding the local health hubs and this place is certainly one of them. Offering a beautiful range of salads with additions like raw pizza or raw patties it certainly won’t disappoint the health conscious spirits out there. Do NOT miss their Coconut curry and make sure to grab their absolute heavenly raw deserts – we tried the snickers & raspberry/coffee…aahhh. Dreaming about coming back to Iceland just for those!


Get lost in this adorable concept store filled with quintessential Icelandic designer goods. From designer homeware to kitted Icelandic shirts, great gifts and adorable letter-press cards, there is something for everyone!

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