Now if this is what it’s like to get older – I wanna do it every day!

I belong to the people who think a Birthday is supposed to be special, celebrated, memorable and most important fun! I’d take any reason to celebrate a day! Still I had no plans for my big day this year as I was working in the evening (while my friends are all working days) and I had a birthday dinner planned a few days later. So I expected a day like any other!

What I got… A day full of surprises! First I woke up by a happy birthday song and a raw food cake, surrounded by handpicked flowers and a cute little gift! This was then followed by a beautiful day of champagne swims, surprise visits, sun and brunch at my favourite Bondi spot (well one of many fav Bondi cafes!). When I got to work smiling I thought the fun was over, but boy was I surprised when I received a massive delivery! And it wasnt any delivery – a bunch of goodies like my favourite nut mix, jewellery and a tailored ‘to-do’ list that made me laugh until I cried! But best of all – it included the most beautiful creation on earth-a massive pineapple!

Now I have a massive and a bit compulsive passion for pineapples and it cracks me up how my friends picked up on it and made it a fruitful Birthday of sweetness! My little pineapple man was with me all night driving the studio, acting air-refresher, doing double headed shows and putting a constant smile on my lips. Following up on this he got a coco friend at work (from a colleage who knows I also love coconuts) that tasted utterly perfect! And it didn’t end there! A few days later the most beautiful ladies joined me for a fun birthday party reminding me of my childhood parties, which consisted of food and play! We had an amazing dinner followed by a hilarious Beyonce dance lessons in The back streets of Sydney. It was way over my expectations and the moves we busted out that night was the perfect cherry on top! Big Kiss! One happy pineapple!