I always get incredibly excited every time life throws an opportunity at you when you least expect it. The key I think is… that you have to put whatever you desire out into the world. If it’s meant to be then a wave will come your way, and when it does you can ride it all the way into the sunset !
Hanna & I were running wild with ideas for the business and discussing where we need to go. China was number one on the list to source printers and publishers. It was then on the 29th April, when I went to visit my uncle for his birthday, who is actually more like my older brother for his only fifteen years older than I. Over dinner, I was updating my uncle about my life – just the usual what was occupying my time and,  of course the business came up. When I was telling him all about the ideas for the book, and what trips we wanted to take. He smiled and replied “I’m going to Hong Kong & China for work in a few weeks come join me, you can speak to some printers there”. I couldn’t believe it, but a couple of days later squeezing time off work I called him and said “Yes – I am coming!” And so two weeks later here I am – the streets of Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, due to the spontaneity  and short-notice Hanna couldn’t get time off work. I am here having an incredible time but  missing one very important person.
H.K_Victoria Peak