…which makes our travel tip of the day the awesome, chilled out beach town of San Diego where this hunk spends his days surfing & fishing. Scott Eastwood seems like a chilled out dude who besides acting also works in construction to gain real life experience and not only to live off Eastwood Sr. We got some insider tips that you will find him having a drink at a watering hole called Saddle Bar in Solana Beach of which is he is also the co-owner.

When I lived in California back & forth for 3 years, I spent some awesome times down in San Diego. It’s a place of it’s own and a must visit. Once we road tripped down with 5 friends, we ended up staying with a friend of a friend in a open beach house on the chilled out Mission beach. Everyone knew everyone, the doors were never locked and sometimes you got home and found some stranger on the couch who offered you a drink… It was surf, sun, lazy dayz biking around on rad bikes, awesome festivals, groovy people and lots of swimming in the nights. Topped off with the chance to drool over this hunk – it’s enough reason to put this southwestern part of the U.S.  on your must go list!