Who knew over a simple lunch you would find out your great-grandfather was a famous artist whose works are stocked in the Louvre and then you would see the original Authentic hardcover books in which your grandfather produced and designed!

It was when we were raising funds for our launch party through Indiegogo (a crowdfunding campaign) that we made a promise to Hanna’s Papa that along with some signed copies of Swept away by Wanderlust we would also cook him a fabulous and delicious homemade meal for his generous and incredible donation!  When we received an email notification that we had a large contribution to our campaign we were so excited and wondered who the mystery person could be. Then we found out that it was Hanna’s father and step-mum and were overwhelmed and incredibly thankful! Therefore, with us both happening to be in Sweden together we booked a lunch date with her dad and we got cooking! (Mmmm well Hanna more than I, she likes to be the director ;). We made our favourite type of salad, it was a delicious ‘everything salad’ with quiona! which is the salad where you put in all your favourite ingredients that you feel like at the time. You can’t really relate it to a particular type of salad therefore it gets called an ‘everything salad’. – truly the best kind 😉

It was then whilst eating lunch that Hanna’s dad Peter, said how proud he was of our first book and that he was so happy that we actually followed through with our promise. Peter is a very successful Swedish businessman an entrepreneur himself, so it was really special to hear those compliments, especially for Hanna as she has big shoes to follow. But then Peter went on to say it’s great to see that creating books is continuing on in the family. Hanna didn’t really know what he was talking about, so the next moment he smiled and  got up and said “I will show you”. Peter walked over to his great big dusty library, pulled out three extremely heavy books and plomped them in front of Hanna. The books were incredible, they were real books, the red classical hard covers with gold writing. Peter then said “these are what your grandfather created, 65 years ago!”. Hanna was amazed as she had never seen them before, her grandfather created and made books. Not only that we then got a tour inside the house of all the original art works by her great-grandfather which are over a 100 years old along with a bible which Peter has held onto which is even older!

After a long chat with her father who was telling us all his ideas he was thinking for Axel & Ash and the marketing for Swept away by Wanderlust we bicycled home more inspired then ever ready to continue this fabulous business of creating books and continue Hanna’s family history.

P.S – He also loved our wild mix of a salad!












Mr T-Bone was lil sad we didn’t cook anything for him… Sorry next time cuty!