This year I spent the last of 2012 with some beautiful friends up North at Byron Bay, NSW. Byron Bay is the most easterly point in Australia and is known for its light house, surfing, organic foods, live music and relaxed vibe by the beach. We swam, ate, road-tripped, played soccer on the beach, danced, picnicked on the side of the road, visited some waterfalls and just had a wonderful new year. Unfortunately, Hanna couldn’t make it over, however she was also  on a beach having nothing but an amazing time sleeping under the stars in the luxurious destination of Esperance, WA.

A new year is always so refreshing as it brings along change and motivation. Last year on the first day of the year, I went down to the beach and wrote down everything I wanted to achieve for the coming year. This year I looked back at what I wrote down, and I couldn’t believe and was absolutely thrilled that I had done almost everything I destined out to achieve. So this year I did it again, I sat on the beach and the water brought the same beautiful peace and calmness I felt when I was writing my goals last year.  I smiled as I was writing as such a small practice had such an incredible power to provide  direction and the necessary guidelines in order to push one’s self.  

So whatever you do and where-ever you travel in 2013, we both hope that every day of this year brings something unique, exciting and challenging. Don’t waste a single day, do something you absolutely love and follow your dreams, as you never know where they will lead you.

The first word of the day for 2013.

exordium ig-ZAWR-dee-uhm, noun:

1. The beginning of anything.

Eat well, laugh often





Byron beach