“Grief is like the ocean, it’s deep, dark and bigger than all of us”.

My grandfather sadly passed away last week. I just want to thank my family and friends who have showed endless support during this period. The kindness and empathy you all have provided has been overwhelming, yet bought comfort that I can’t thank you  enough for.

With my grandfather’s passing  I realised  that it doesn’t matter how old or how  young a person is, when you loose someone you love that feeling of lost will never go away, as it’s the spirit, that personality, that voice, that life which is gone forever.  Unfortunately, he won’t get to read the book on his life when I do finally finish, but I am  looking forward to writing the rest of his amazing, brave, crazy and beautiful life he lived.

“Always follow your dreams, as you never know where they will lead you”
– Jack Prosser.

Photo by Jessica Lindsay © Copyright 2011.