We are excited and proud to say that Swept away by Wanderlust is to be stored in one of Bondi’s trademark cafe’s – Gertrude & Alice.

Gertrude & Alice is located on the buzzing Hall Street in Bondi Beach. Walking by on the footpath you are met by their wooden tables and bench seats that is full of coffee drinkers and book lovers. Then, once you step in the store and pass the counter that is full of freshly baked brownies and treats the Cafe/bookstore is jam-packed with beautiful new and secondhand books, ancient school desks, communal tables, a lounge and cosy corners to eat, read, talk or linger. No wonder it has become the second home to the Bondi crowd of artists, writers, photographers, musos and actors. The lively atmosphere at G &A is bursting with laid-back chats, sophisticated conversations and creative energy all whilst drinking aromatic coffee and fresh, healthy and delicious meals.

We can’t wait to get back to Bondi now to see our book here and drink their fantastic homemade spiced chai tea!