Yesterday was one of our favourite annual events – the Garage Sale Trail! I was completely embelished for the entire day, doing walkabouts and moseying on all around Bondi.

It was the events 3rd year, it began in 2010 from Bondi Beach, Australia. Back then there were only around 120 sellers solely happening in the Bondi area. Two years later, the event has grown across the entire country and is now the largest one day sale in the world. It’s such a beautiful, economical, enviro-friendly, fun and happy day. People get the opportunity to get rid of studf and declutter by finding a new home for their beloved items. Strolling around the streets was fabulous, we found lots of amazing clothes, cute items and little vintage treasures. One of fav’s was also coming across this amazing artist from Spain – Maria Victoria Contreras Casanova. The perfect day was Finished off in perfect style with ciders and chat’s in the sunset. xx



The world is full of magic places… Which one is your favourite??? – by Maria Victoria Contreras Casanova