After finally getting good internet after almost a week, I am reconnected with the cyberworld, which means I have had opportunity to view my massive list of work emails and read our blog to see all the posts Hanna has posted. I am here in the middle of Spain sipping on vino loving every single email I am reading from Axel & Ash. From the emails of setting up freight accounts and marketing to all the awesome stores that our book is getting into which I have visited and spent hours in for years. I can’t tell you how high I am on life right now. I only knew Hanna for 5 months before we decided to collaborate together and we made the decision to go into business together. Over the years I have always heard people saying that you shouldn’t go into business with family or friends. Personally, I think that is the shittiest advice one can give to another. Because I think it doesn’t depend on whom it is (family member or friend), it is whether if it feels right or not and if it does feel right then go with it and don’t ever look back for one second or question it. From my experience, I have an amazing business partner and great friend. We are constantly laughing at one another even if we get serious with each other, get angry at one another or argue over decicions – but we’re always still smiling and having an awesome time the entire time. Looking back right now I see that if I didn’t follow my heart then I wouldn’t be smiling and watching people take this book that we’ve created together all over the world. Life is crazy, it can be scary but we can’t be afraid to take those chances and risks because we never know where life will lead us! Much love for my amiga and partner in crime – Hanna Axelsson Sahlen.

Ash xx