Beautiful, kind and incredibly talented ! Her name is Salleigh Olsen. Over the weekend I got to spend some time in the studio with this amazing artist and got a sneak peak of the work she will be showcasing at her upcoming exhibition. Salleigh, is a wonderful, energetic and passionate spirit, who has given endearing support to us whilst we have been designing and making Swept away by Wanderlust.

When you look at Salleigh’s work, her love and eye for creativity spills out everywhere. Salleigh’s work’s are an edgy and contemporary journey of colour, mood, expressionism and abstraction. Each piece takes you on a journey that imaginatively portrays society, whether it be subtle statements using typography, and bold expressive lines of energy and drama, or soft moody sophisticated palettes. Her female portraits are by far my favourite ! Salleigh has this unique talent to portray the beauty of the female form in her most natural element, epitomizing confidence, sexuality and coyness.

Whilst looking at her work, I got to ask her a few questions about what inspires her and where she is off to next. Salleigh’s opening night for this inimitable collection is on the 28th February 2013 from 6pm @ Art2Muse Gallery where you will have the opportunity to meet this beautiful, caring and down to earth artist. Thereafter, her work will be on dispaly for two weeks at the gallery.

Salleigh Olsen

What’s your full name? Salleigh Olsen

Olsen, where can we track this surname too? Norway

Your star sign: Aquarius

What are you listening to atm? Djanjo, Django’s, Metronomy, Bat for Lashes,

Where do you live? Sydney

Item of food you LOVE? Aoili – I have it on everything….

What & when did you know you wanted to be an artist? At 5 when creativity became the only subject I was interested in at school.

How would you describe your style of paintings? Edgy, contemporary, colour exploiting.

Can you tell us a bit about the showcase you’re about to exhibit? Its a combination of the female muse,scooters, lucky numbers, bicyles and colour deliciousness…

Where do you get your inspiration from? Great photography, the female form, enjoying life, seeing the beauty in everyday moments and the modern environment.

Who’s your favorite artists? Dali, Whitely, Lister, Ruddy.

You have your eye New York, and will be traveling there later this year, where else are you aiming to show your work? Berlin and London.

Where are your top five places you have traveled? Spain, Maldives, Switzerland, Scotland and a Tasmania road trip adventure.

Your next trip? NY

When should we expect to see your next exhibition? Feb 28th

Any inside info you can tell us on your next subject you are painting? Nope – surprise 

Lastly, you have had an opportunity to see our book completed ! what do you think of it? Fantastic – I think its the perfect way capture your life changing travel adventures with well thought out questions to reflect on those most memorable experiences in a beautiful book. Winner!

And what would you like to leave for us? Believe you can and you will….


Salleigh Olsen

Salleigh Olsen