Single on Valentines Day? 7 Ways To Spoil Your Besties

It’s always great to treat ourselves with lifts and little adventures, but there really is no better feeling than treating all the special people in your life with a thoughtful gesture – even if it’s as simple as giving up your time.

It’s Valentine’s Day this week , but we think it should be a day to show love to everyone close to you – not just your partner. In Sweden, Valentine’s Day is actually called ‘Every Hearts Day’ – a beautiful concept that is the perfect excuse to show your appreciation to your besties, your siblings and everyone in between.

We’re both single ladies who love to spoil our friends – not just on Valentine’s day, but all year ‘round. So, we’ve put together 7 great ideas to get you inspired to share the love around everyone in your world.

Lady date night

While couples are cosying up to Netflix and Chill, you can step it up fior your bestie with a thoughtful twist (maybe without the ‘chill part’!).  Book tickets to an outdoor or rooftop cinema and soak in the vibes with drinks and a picnic, or scope out an beautiful old cinema in your city. If you’re on a budget,  organise a movie marathon with snacks at your place. Because snacks win everyone over, always!

The way to her heart: Food
If your friends are anything like we are, the way to their hearts is through food (notice a theme here?). Cook up a heart shape dish (it may be a little cheesy, but who doesn’t like a bit of cheese?), or whip up some sweet treats and present them in a reusable jar. It’s a simple, but really thoughtful way to show someone you care.

Better than blooms
Everyone loves a bunch of flowers, but let’s be honest, they’re going to be in the bin a week later. Give a loved one something that will be a lasting reminder of your friendship: a plant. Plants not only look great, they live longer and are actually a healthy addition for the air in your home. Go the extra mile and paint a pot for an extra personal touch.

Organise a sunset picnic
Picnics are one of the best ways to spend an evening watching the sunset and having great chats with your buddies. Grab a bottle of your favourite vino and a blanket, whip together some treats and head down to your favourite spot.

Give up your time: Babysit

Single? Give your time a friend who has kids and offer them some babysitting or a night out. It will mean the world to them and you get some kiddie love in the process.

Tick off a bucket list item together
Is there something you know your bestie, cousin or sibling has always wanted to do? Imagine their surprise when you make it happen. Pinch their bucketlist book and see what they have planned if you’re stuck for idea – and if they don’t have one, you may have just stumbled across the perfect gift. Get yours here and start planning your bucket list together

Hit the road!

There is nothing better than getting out of town with great company. You can be creative here and make it as simple or as ellaborate as you like! Plan a day trip somewhere you have’nt been before, or go all out an plan a weekend trip. Record it all in a Life’s a Roadtrip’ Journal together

No matter what you do or when you do it, spoiling the special people in your life will create all the warm and fuzzie memories. And of course, you can also do everything on our list if you have a special someone in your life too.

Happy Every Hearts Day!