Just if we could write even a quater in which she wrote.

The oldest women at age 89 to win the Nobel Prize for literature. Sadly this amazing life and artist passed away on the 17th November 2013. Doris made a massive impact on the literary world and has left us with her beautiful foot prints. From ground breaking novels to memoir and science fiction, if your looking for your next book, then celebrate her life, because your life won’t be complete until you have read a Dorris Lessing novel. The Golden Notebok a favourite.



The Golden Notebook (1962)

This account of the fractured lives of British women after the war has been hailed as a feminist masterpiece. Framed by a third-person story of a writer, Anna Wulf, and her friend Molly, the novel weaves together four of Anna’s notebooks which mirror the different strands of her life – Africa, the Communist Party, a doomed love affair and her journal – to arrive at a fifth , The Golden Notebook, which binds them all together. The Swedish Academy called it one of a “handful of books that informed the 20th-century view of the male-female relationship”. Lessing herself, typically, was less enamoured with the book’s reception, complaining that it had become an “albatross” after critics focused almost exclusively on the feminist aspects of the novel, failing to engage with the novel’s scope and structure.