Being new in the book business and we are doing lots of things that we have never done before – learning every day. And you know what. This is what we find so incredible and what makes the journey even more fascinating, that so many people are afraid of doing stuff because they are not sure how it’s done, starting a new business you want everything to be so professional. Of course. But all we have seen is that your own common sense works magic and when you don’t know what to do – do what you think will work.

This is how we are selling our book so far.

Getting back to Perth after our launch with one copy of the book I wanted to get it in to all my favourite shops. So what did I do – went in there, with the book, said hi, who I was and asked if they’d stock it. Its so funny, because in one way it feels like going back 100 years – in our era of emails and specialised businesses for every step. But in one way it is the most obvious thing to do. And I absolute love the personal touch, the connection you make with the stores, the amazing knowledge that storeowners are happy to share with you. Tips opinions, tricks. It’s life as it should be, trading as it should be, and personal interaction at it’s best.

I didn’t know what the response would be but I can say that after visiting my 2 absolute favourite book stores in Perth – we got 2 super positive answers! The only problem… I don’t have the book yet. and they were ready to buy it straight away!

Not wanting to take out anything in advance I’ll update more when I have gotten the delivery of books to Perth!