Today we were invited to the launch of the new gorgeous interior store ‘The Design Hunter’ on Bronte Rd. The modern concept of mixing a design studio, renovation service and property styling with a homeware-shop has proven a hit and they are now expanding with a new shopfront just across the road from the old one into – designer heaven!

The old space has now transformed into a studio for the team of designers, decorators and stylists, whilst the new space on the other side is a beautiful shop offering a wide range of hand-picked collections. From exclusive furniture, edgy artwork and selected pieces – the stunning selection will take your breath away. Being from Sweden I love the massive scandinavian influence but  you’ll find beautiful pieces from all around the world. And best of all – a small but top range of amazing books! I saw at least 5 of my absolute favourite titles there and we are so excited that ‘WANDERLUST’ is sold amongst them all!

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Store  316 Bronte Road, Wavereley 2024.
Design studio 267 Bronte Road, Wavereley 2024.