In our book we have some questions about special traditions at the destination.Let me tell you about a very swedish tradition. It is called crayfish party!

A crayfish party is a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration called a kräftskiva in swedish. Crayfish parties are generally held during August, a tradition that started because crayfish harvesting in Sweden was, for most of the 20th century, legally limited to late summer. Dining is traditionally outdoors, but in practice the party is often driven indoors by bad weather or aggressive mosquitoes. There are some obligatory items for the party that everybody uses. It sounds ridicilous but we are so used to it.

  • comical paper hats
  • plastic bibs
  • paper tablecloths
  • paper lanterns (often depicting the Man in the Moon)
  • snapsvisor (drinking songs)

The food served is crayfish which is boiled in salt water and seasoned with fresh dill —  then served cold and eaten with one’s fingers. Bread, mushroom pies, strong Västerbotten cheese, salads, and other dishes are served buffet-style. A rowdy atmosphere prevails amid noisy eating and traditional drinking songs – snapsvisor and the alcohol consumption is often high since you have to drink a shot of Akvavit or other kinds of snaps  for every song, especially when compared to the amount of food actually eaten (crayfish shelling is tedious work).

Here we are at Natalies celebrating in style!