My brother is a Space agent! His travel agency “Moments” is one of few accredited space agents selling trips to space with Richard Bransons Virgin Galantic. Today the SpaceShipTwo made it’s first powered flight, a step closer to the first tourist ever being sent up in space. A ticket for $200,000 gives you the chance to be amongst the first in the world to float in weightlessness and view the Earth’s curvature from 62 miles up for a few minutes. Over 500 tickets has already been sold for the unknown launch date – and I can proudly say that my brother sold the first one in Sweden! How cool is that!

So the question of the day:
Are you the curious, adventurous space tourist that would love to experience this mystical world – or do you find it crazy that anyone would pay for such a thing? 

We don’t know what it would be like to fill out our travel journal “Swept away by Wanderlust” in space – but if you go, we promise to send you a copy for free to test it out.

My brother Andy & Sir himself.


My brother got to feel the sensation of weightlessness in this..559505_10151345363266006_380401677_n




(If you are the curious adventurer planning to spend your $200,000 on this – I’d probably be the favourite little sis for years if you contact my brother here to buy the trip. “Moments” also delivers more down to earth but still as extraordinary colourful experiences and unique ultimate moments.)