I can not believe it.

Driving through Maui, our friend asked us, “Oh, do you know what those trees are?” As the great botanics we are – not even the slightest idea!

“They’re avocado trees – there will be heaps of wild ones coming up along this road!”

What!? I have always been fascinated by avocadoes and how funky they are – actually, I am fascinated by most fruits and vegetables and how they grow – but since I learned that avoadoes grow on trees, I have wanted to pick and eat my very own big, delicious avvo!

And well, we do have avocado trees also growing in Australia. But you know how it is… you just don’t get around to doing those things. So here we were… with a chance to handpick a wild avocado in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! I got so excited. And, I had never seen avocadoes as massive as the ones here in Hawaii! They are HUGE!

We stopped by a tree and it was absolutely full of massive green avocadoes weighing down the branches, ready to take home and ripen!

Item # *?? Pick an avocado straight from a tree – T I C K !