I have never been on an amazing race until now. On Saturday, I flew to Brisbane for my cousin’s engagement party. However, the party didn’t start until the afternoon, and I was arriving at Brisbane airport at 8am. Knowing I had some free time before the party, I printed off a list detailing the best ten bookstores in Brisbane. I wanted to explore and visit all the stores in the city and surrounding suburbs which potentially could stock our book when it’s ready. The only catch was I had to do this all before 3pm ! as that’s when I had to be back at my cousins house to get ready for the party.

My incredibly sweet friend Matt who lives in Brisbane agreed to wake up early on his Saturday to come on this bit out of the ordinary, crazy, but assured to be FUN adventure with me. Although he didn’t even know why until I told him over breakfast. 
It was a wild day, from the CBD, to West End, to Fortitude Valley, to Bulimba – we drove place to place, crossing bridges, overlooking rivers, stopping for breakfast, lunch and anything else that caught our attention and looked interesting. We managed to see six out of the ten places. Matt had the grand idea to cancel the other four out as they were secondhand stores, and wouldn’t sell new books. However, as what always happens when you explore… you find something else along the way. We came across four other stores which weren’t even on the list, which was fantastic.  I guess you never know what you can find or come across when you go for an adventure…Boo ya ! Ten out of Ten.

 Cider to finish… Cheers, Thank you Matt !

 Just in time… Gorgeous cousin Courtenay & fiance Lincoln