After twelve months of working hard to finish Swept away by Wanderlust – its time for a vacation. So here I am in Paris!

15 rue madeleine Michelis,  is my new place of residence for the next five days. I am staying with a lovely friend who lives in this beautiful city. The apartment is cute with a tiny yet gorgeous balcony overlooking the street. It’s my first night, after a 20 hour flight I am feeling exhausted from the trip but too excited to care. The day has been perfect and found myself smiling continuously all day. When I arrived at my friends apartment this morning, after showering I went for a walk to explore my new surroundings. I didn’t have to go far as when I came out of the street right before me was a gorgeous fountain and market selling fresh fruit and everything else. My eyes lite up and caught site on the amazing fresh rasberries and then I stumbled across my favourite 3 euro red wine! I have only been here for 12 hours and loving every single moment. Even the struggle of lugging my luggage on the Metro – I didn’t care cause I am in Paris! Life is grand and I am truly so fortunate to be here. However, the best part overall I have been able to use Swept away by Wanderlustthe for the first time and I am absolutely LOVING every page. Can you say that even if it’s your own? haha oh well I don’t care, I am too happy and loving every bit of it. Love love love. I can’t wait to hear and see pictures from eveyone else. I am still smiling from the fabulous launch.

I must say bonne nuit (goodnight) time to have my first night in Paris and get some res, ast tomorrow I am taking the book to some of the most stylish, cutest, oldest and unique bookstores in Paris to spread the book everywhere so everyone can capture their stories.

P.S – Crossoints, Red wine and fresh rasberries are everything you ever imagined… delicious & magnifique!