I walked in the door after a long day at work, and there was a suitcase in my bedroom, however no person to accompany it. I was curious where the owner of the suitcase was… Then all of a sudden I heard a voice in the kitchen, this voice is unforgettable to me, I have heard it over the phone several of times…. it was Hanna. I walked into the kitchen and smiled…. my gorgeous friend and business partner was back and more beautiful then ever. My smile immediately got bigger when she turned around… Talking to this person over the phone and email for the last five months, she started to feel like an imaginary friend… Seeing her in person was lovely (AND somewhat comforting to know she is still real..). Although it only felt like it was yesterday that we said goodbye at the airport… After a great big hug, and five more hugs after that, we were back !

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