Sunrise trekking, slithering snakes, crinkly nudies, lunch by the sea – Balmoral bliss.

In a little over a month I will be in Europe experiencing the magical journey of walking the Camino pilgrimage trail across Spain. Back in 2008 an old friend lent me the book The Camino written by Shirley Maclaine.  After reading the book I was captivated by the journey and it became something I would love to experience and complete. In 2009 I went with the same friend who leant me the book to do it. It was so beautiful and very picturesque over the Pyrenees however unfortunately only got to complete a week of it as my friend came down ill.  The trail is 780km long, starting from the Pyrenees, South of France and finishing at St Diego De Compostela. It will take around a month to do, which means ones thing… I need to start getting fit! So today, with my two gorgeous and super fit amigas Salleigh & Maria we caught a ferry from Circular Quay and went on a 4 hour trek around the stunning Sydney Harbour National Park as a training session – backpack in hand and trekking shoes on feet. Got to visit a nudist beach… however, not what you imagine.

Action shot up a hill. Goodness, I was struggling as you can see… Defintely, more training needed!

Hi there Mr Kookaburra!

Completar !

Passing the Opera HOUSE on the way back – a beautiful day.