A week ago I got asked to come over to do some urgent TV work for a month in Sydney again. I was super exited as it meant a month of time to work with Ash in the evenings. We are working on our second book to be released this Autumn so every minute together is great! And I love my TV – job in Sydney too which makes it all double fun.

So – as it all came very sudden I decided to surprise Ash as she had no clue at all, but keeps on telling me EVERY SINGLE day that I should come back to Sydney! We are a group of really close-knit friends so I got my friend Maria to organise an after work night for them all, which happens frequently anyways. They decided to meet up at Dove & Olive in Surry Hills for Trivia – as it’s something we all did together every Wednesday when I lived in Sydney a few years ago.

I couldnt write anything about until now and it’s been so hard to keep quiet from Ash as we speak, text and email each other like a million times a day! She was over the moon with excitement and will come stay with me in my beautiful home for the month!

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