It’s time to say Au revoir to the city of love. I have had the most outrageously fun and incredible week. A big thank you to Sylvain, a lovely friend who I stayed with and had a beautiful time seeing Paris from a Parisian’s eye – truly magnifique parfait! Our book is officially in Paris and I have indulged in all the chocolate eclairs, crepes and crossoints one can eat. I have gone out to some of the most amazing restaurants with Les Deux Magot being my favourite so far – something about knowing Hemmingway and all the famous writers wrote there was just incredible and a little overwhelming. Visited and danced outside Serge Gainsbourg’s old apartment and walked up Montmartre. I also got to eat at my all time favourite bakery PAUL! I have longed to eat there for 4 years! The most amazing olive bread, panini’s and desserts you will have. Thinking of bringing one to Aus with the crepes, hahaha which maybe then sells coconuts!

I am off now to Bayonne to start my next adventure the El Camino!






French flag