@ Merci, 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris with Tara June Winch.

Tara is an Award winning Australian novelist who won several Australian literary awards for her novel ‘Swallow the Air’. Tara wrote an incredibly beautiful feature article in Vogue which detailed her story, experiences and life journey so far. When I read her article I was completely captivated from the first sentence. Tara had travelled through India for 6 months, lived in NYC for two years, completed an internship with the UN, started a charity to promote female empowerment called onethousand.org, worked alongside Wole Soyinka and other well known writers all whilst bringing up her absolutely gorgeous and adorable daughter Lila. At only age 29, Tara has lived a life only some can dream of!

Knowing I was going to to be in Paris and Tara was currently living there, I thought I’d contact this writer that I was so inspired by! It was the day after contacting her she wrote back and said she would be happy to meet up and told me to go to the beautiful designer/bookstore Merci!

Meeting Tara I was immediately taken back by how kind and beautiful she was. Her writing definitely reflected her in every way. There we were on the other side of the world from Australia, drinking blueberry beers before midday and sharing stories from our lives. I was so amazed, I admired her stories and the life she has travelled. Over the beers Tara told me more about her daughter Lila, quoting that Lila now knows more French then Tara does herself! When I showed her ‘Swept away by Wanderlust’ she looked through it and smiled – she really liked it. We spent the morning walking, talking and browsing around Merci, bouncing some wonderful ideas of places that could stock our book and ideas to consider for the future. Then suddenly it was midday and it felt like we had known each other for years. As we parted ways on the Metro I couldn’t help but smile as I had just met such a fabulous, talented writer and inspiring person who was open, loves life and is a contagious free spirit who helps and cares for so many.

People find it funny how I am not afraid of contacting anyone – but I think if you admire someone why not let them know! What’s the worst that could happen? I’d like to tell everyone out there , don’t ever be afraid to contact people, you have nothing to lose!

Tara is now working on her second book, I will update you all when it’s out, but check out her first book “Swallow the air” for now – it’s a beautiful read.