This morning we’re working away at  ‘Bills’ –  celebrity chef Bill Granger’s top spot in Surry Hills where the creatives the inner east meet away over coffee.

We just finished an exciting meeting with the incredibly gorgeous talented editor Leigh-Ann Pow from Australian Traveller magazine. Leigh-Ann spontaneously contacted us and asked if would be ok for her to feature WANDERLUST in the mag.

With Australian Traveller  listed as Australia’s most popular travel magazine,  our answer was a big, fat YES! And meeting her was incredible. We had such  a great time exchanging stories from travel, entrepreneur ship & book design (she just released a book ‘Fashionably Worn’ that we can’t wait to get our paws on) to her time as a deputy editor for VOUGE! All  our passions in 90 minutes! This woman has some fun stories and when she left we realised that we’d like to interview her! We could have listened to her incredible adventures for hours!