Battle of the masterships – I never heard of this until Hanna arranged all us guests at her birthday party last year to participate and play! It’s a Swedish game that she traditionally played each year with all her family and friends. Basically, battle of masterships is an incredibly competitive event where you get into groups of 5-6 people that you don’t know too well until you are all paired up. Generally, you will have around 6 teams (depending how many people of course) and over the course of the day in between lunch and dinner you will play the most bizarre and obscure games against each other. The aim of the game is simple, win at all costs!

On the weekend in which I thought I was going to be on a plane to Australia, I wasn’t. Instead I unexpectedly found myself escaping for the weekend with Hanna and her family to her mum’s beautiful summer house 3 hours from her hometown in which all her friends and family would gather to play the traditional ‘battle of masterships’ I had heard all about and semi-experienced last year.

Wow! first of all Hanna’s mum’s summer house was everything Hanna described it to be. Beautiful, lushes and so quant. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be there visiting it for real. Hanna always talked about it and also Hanna’s mum Monica, is absolutely gorgeous and such an incredibly kind person. One with such open and loving arms.

What a Saturday! as everyone gathered around lunchtime I began meeting all Hanna’s gorgeous family and friends that she had spoke so fondly about. It was then right after lunch that Hanna and her sister Sara gave the rules & instructions for this super competitive annual mastership event.

From running water in a straw into a 2 litre bottle, shooting cans with a pellet gun, piggyback races blindfolded, taking the most unique instagram pics, a mystery walk with questions in swedish that I couldn’t understand to seeing who can stick lollies on their face the fastest. This event truly lived up to it’s status and I can’t tell you how funny it was to see the event in full swing. It was such a beautiful tradition to play and be apart of and by the end of the day you all feel like one big family and I think I could talk Swedish. Tak tak!

From something bad turned into something so beautiful!