First of all I promise I am not too loco – just training session no. 2!

My plan was to leave at 5am, however I over slept and walked out the door at 5:55am. I was on my way to Hawkesbury (Richmond) to surprise my Nan who lives in a retirement village out there. I haven’t had an opportunity to visit her since Christmas. Richmond was 26km away and I was getting there by foot. On The Camino you walk anywhere between 25-35km everyday for a month, so I figured I better start getting used to it.

The light in the morning is my favourite and I think the most beautiful. Walking at 6am on a Sunday morning there was such stillness on the streets. All the main roads that would have hundreds of cars passing up and down were completely empty. 

Around 7:15am the sun started to fully rise. It was so lovely to watch as everything the suns rays hit it would give such beauty to it – even the stalest of objects looked amazing.  Walking down the country rd was also very peaceful, there were no cars, trucks or motrocyclists. The sounds I could only hear were the birds and occasional cattle dog coming out to play. My mind was going wild with thoughts, it was very relaxing and somewhat therapeutical. I got lots of organising done and even managed to read a magazine. It was coming up to 4 hours when I started to read the magazine as my mind was starting to offer ways to stop me walking, I was getting all sorts of compliments like ‘I don’t need to walk anymore 4 hours is great! Lets hop on a bus now – we will get there faster’. I started laughing as it’s incredibly funny how you have an inner battle with  your own mind. One side is determined to finish, the other side is praising you, but telling you don’t have to do it anymore – which was very tempting! Anyway, as I was having this argument with myself!  I  came by this quote that was definitely fitting and perfect timing. 

The walk took me exactly 6hrs & 40 mins, with the 40 minutes for chill out/resting time – 12:40pm I got there. I picked some flowers and my nan was every bit surprised. My sister met me up there, I certainly wasn’t walking back  – not that loco 😉




Hilarious! cutting a hole for the electricty lines… I wonder how often they cut it?