Shyla-Bear is her nickname. As she blew out the candles I just couldn’t believe she just turned five. I remember the day I was holding her in my arms at the hospital… haha and it only feels like yesterday that I was laughing with my dear friend Frances when they were trying to conceive her. This weekend was full of nostaligic moments as I travelled back to my hometown to celebrate this princesses 5th birthday and to watch a game I haven’t played in a longtime. It’s crazy how time travels by so quickly.  Shyla has grown up to be the most beautiful, kind and gorgeous little girl and she can dance like a rockstar!

App of the day. Just before I got to the magical fairy party I downloaded this app – 8mm Vintage Camera by Nexvio. It’s reallgreat and most importantly uncomplicated.  I love it as I got to make a beautiful short film of this gorgeous little girl.  

BASKETBALL – The very cool sport played by Michael Jordan and the one that I grew up playing.  Whilst I was out here I also watched two gorgeous friends (Kelly & Chantyl) who I grew up with play their State game. I played basketball almost everyday of the week through primary and high school.  It was  a strange revisiting the stadium as I hadn’t been there in such a long time. It still looked the same, nothing really changed. However, it brought back  many memories for when I was younger. Bumping into some old rep coaches was lovely, although it was another gentle reminder of how time goes by so quickly, life is joyously short…