The beautiful creative soul, Salleigh Olsen completely swept away nine of her closest people! Last night we celebrated the new works ‘The Faces of You’ by our gorgeous friend Salleigh Olsen at the Sallerno Gallery, Glebe (Sydney). When I walked into the gallery I was completely heartfelt and speechless. This gorgeous artist was standing in the middle of the floor shinning like the bright star she is in a long elegant yellow dress, surrounded by her new work, where by our surprise she used all her close friends as seperate muse’s.

As each one of us who had a special painting dedicated walked in the door we were absolutely overwhelmed. It was a beautiful night. Great crowd with lots of fun posing and dancing in front of our paintings, then celebrating even more after! Unfortunately, as Hanna is in Perth she couldn’t make it, but her flowers and spirit sure did! We are both just so honored to know and be part of such a beautiful persons life. Salleigh’s exhibition is on for 2 weeks at the Salerno Gallery, so if your in Sydney don’t miss this amazing artist’s work or you can check her work out online.





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Us - B & W

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Salleigh's exhibition



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Salleigh Olsen website