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We think our amazing mum’s should be celebrated every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is a great excuse to plan something extra-special. This year, ditch the flowers and cliché gifts, and do something unique together that you’ll both remember forever. Here are our favourite bucket list ideas to get you started:


Create a signature family recipe together
There’s something soul-warming about recreating a meal just like grandma did, especially when it’s for family. This Mother’s Day, come up with your own special recipe with mum that can be handed down to future generations.  Go a step further and create a handmade recipe book that celebrates your new recipe, as well as all the other family recipes your mum has created over the years.


Jump in the car and drive somewhere new
Tell mum to pack for a road trip and surprise her with a location you’ve both never explored before. It could be close to home or out of town: a gallery, a botanical garden, a historical spot or simply a beautiful landscape.




Get sentimental and bury a time capsule.
Collect items that are important to you both and bury them in a capsule in the family garden, to open 10+ years later on Mother’s Day. It can be photos of special times you’ve shared during the year,  a local newspaper, your favourite book, record or magazine, a letter to each other and anything else that holds meaning.


Take on a physical challenge
If your mum is adventurous, take on a mountain, hike a trail, or enter a marathon with her. You’ll bond over your achievement together and you’ll remember it for a lifetime.


Indulge in a spa weekend
This idea doubles as a treat for you both! Spoil yourselves by booking a luxury retreat out of town, or set up your own mini spa at home and indulge in a girls day at home.


Give back to the community
The only thing that feels better than giving back to those less fortunate is sharing that feeling with someone else.  Volunteer at your local homeless shelter, or offer up your time together at an animal rescue home.


Learn something new together
There are a lot of good reasons to learn something new, and even more good reasons to learn something new with your mum. Whether it be a language, an instrument or learning how to paint, you’ll not have a common hobby to keep you connected (and accountable to stick to it!), you can put your new-found talents to good use together in the future. Trip to Spain anyone?




Want more inspiration?


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