Today I went out “Shop Researching” for 10 hours. First with the man and when he collapsed my partner in shopping crime took over ! That ended up with less researching and more shopping 🙂 And I have some great news to tell!

I approached ONE store with the book during the whole day (the rest was research to source stores.) And now we got ONE more store stocking our book. So exciting. I can’t reveal any details until we’ve got our shipment and all deals are sealed but the scenario was bizarrely easy like this

Me at counter: “Hi…. We just launched this travel journal and would love to stock it in your store”.

Amazing Man at counter: “Mhm…” looking through book “…how much is it?”

Me: “$34.99, wholesale 60%”

Amazing Man at counter” “I’ll take 6 straight away”

Me (shocked & superexcited): “That was easy!!”


It was the easiest sale I made in my life. And it is a book I’m coming into a store to sell – without any notice. I think it is bizarre but amazing that the world still works like this. People told us that we need to go through distributors, trade shows, sales men – losing all the personal touch. People were wrong, and I am so happy for that. Go personal relations!



Marketing material.


someone got tires after 5 hours and probably 10 times the shops




Todays damage. Thank you Anne-Marie for my amazing belated birthday pressie!


Got these cute little cubes to use as picture frames.


Everyone should get them self some Luxury bubbles to relax in after hard work!


Got some chalk and a new chalkboard for the herb garden



And had some fun for my new art project that hopefully will get some time inbetween all book work!