I (Ash) met Elise whilst traveling in London through a common friend. Elise had being living in London for the past year and was working as a P.A for the exuberant and formidable Darryn Lyons aka Mr Paparazzi (yes, the one who got ab implants!).  My first encounter with Elise was that her life seemed like something you would see out of a movie. At 22 Elise was mature far beyond her years. She knew every social event happening and every cool, hip, rubbish and low-key bar, and what restaurant to go/not to go in London. Then as a reward for being incredibly patient and kind with a boss who wasn’t so much – she was showered in luxury gifts and sent to St Tropez, South of France as a holiday weekend!

Today, Elise is the Media & Brand Sponsorships Manager for Time Out – and god is she good at it! So good that Google asked her to be the face of their business campaign. Elise is truly a beautiful inspiration and a perfect example of the hard-working, passionate, kind and stylish women! There is nothing she won’t try (well at least once) and no-one she won’t smile at.  When she isn’t hosting Time Out Shakedown or Taste Test she is doing other wild and crazy things like running full marathon’s and competing in Triatholon’s. She is the gorgeous, fit, life loving, intelligent, beautiful modern chic woman of today!

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We placed Elise’s picture on the ‘People I came across’ page because she is that person that will touch your heart and motivate you to achieve something that you never thought you would.

Elise_Google campaign