I am somewhat of a Raw Food nerd… One of those who asks for spinach & parsley in her juice, gets excited for seeds, makes homemade kale chips and chews on celery. Or makes sure my meal is without all bad ingredients and condiments at a restaurant – ( just to find myself munching down a chocolate bar the next day.)

However, it constantly annoys me that sushi is thought of as being a great and pure meal, when the rice is filled with sugar and vinegar, the so called “wasabi” doesnt contain any wasabi whatsoever – but a mix of dextrose, horse radish and food colouring, the artificially fermented soy sauce is high in calories and the pickled ginger is also full of sugar.

So after cooking up my own raw nerd recipe in my head for long now, I found my self at the lovely Boat Shed getting the right fresh ingredients for perfect sushi a la Hanna.