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If you are not blogging full time, what do each of you do when you are not blogging? Ash: Working on our next book! It’s been a little crazy over the last few months, but we’re super excited to be releasing our third title, ‘Life’s a Roadtrip’ for this coming summer! We’ve worked with a great team and loved every bit of putting it together! Hanna: Well we are not really full time bloggers, even if we want to we just don’t have time! I used to be a TV News director for ABC and Ash a financial planner, until we finally could take the step to do our business full-time.  We now spend our days coming up with concepts, sourcing pictures, designing books, answering emails, road-tripping to find the coolest stores around the world, bouncing millions of project ideas, travelling and sourcing tons of material for our upcoming travel guide, having photo-shoots, collaborating with people who really inspire us, all whilst hanging out with our friends around Bondi planning what festivals to go to next year whilst drinking endless cups of liquorice Tea!

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Describe each other in 3 words? Ash on Hanna:  Beautiful (inside & out). Hilarious & Adventurous. Hanna on Ash:  Excited, hardworking, adventurous spirit – oh and can I add with the most sparkling eyes!


What do each other mean to you? Ash:  Hanna, flew into my life so unexpectedly, and quickly became such a big part of my life. She is not only my business partner, but also such a beautiful close friend. Even through those times when we drive each other completely nuts, I love her to absolute pieces. I am always so grateful for her big presence in my life, she is just so much fun, always making me laugh and I know she is always there no matter what. Having that trust through thick and thin is really rare, especially when you have to work with each other on a daily basis. She means the world to me and always will be my book wifey! Hanna: Ash is engrained in every part of my life – She is my  business partner, one of my best friends and my book wifey in crime! She brings so much positive energy, love and fun into my life – and she is always up for an adventure! We talk to each other several times a day wherever we are in the world, and she always calls me back to say ‘one more thing’ just after we hung up – it never fails 😉 We are honestly like sisters, we love each other one moment and annoy each other the next, but we have this very strange bond that whatever happens we know that none of us would ever want to live a day without each other!


Describe each other’s style? Ash: She’s an absolute Swede when it comes to style.. She loves her white, black, clean, crisp, straight lines! Then occasionally her free-spirit comes out and she will be a boho, but still has the clean style… never failing looking like a gorgeous model! Hanna: Ash is boho vintage lover with a preppy heart! You’ll either see her in jeans, a crisp white shirt heels and a nice blazer with a branded vintage bag, or full boho – big skirt, earthy tones and bangles galore! But never without her signature Tom Ford pout!


What has each other taught you about style? Ash: The finishing touches! From that extra ring or necklace, to not forgetting my hat, guitar or wild sunglasses… She always reminds me of the little things that make any outfit or photography session be absolutely perfect. Hanna: I don’t really think we’ve influenced each other’s style at all, we have quite different styles and we are always each other a mirror telling each other if something looks good or bad – no holding back there!


How do each other inspire you? Ash: Pushing myself to always be better & improve on my weaknesses. Hanna is very honest and direct. She will tell you straight up what she thinks. It can be tough at times to take, but it always comes from a good place. With that honesty, it has always inspired me to get better, push myself outside the boundaries and learn from your mistakes. Hanna:  Ash inspires me as she is the biggest go-getter I know! She has big wild dreams, no fears and always aims for the stars and doesn’t hold back. She constantly reminds me and all the people around her that nothing is impossible! It’s a nice spirit to be around!


What’s the best memory you have with each other? Ash:  Jeezz we have so many! It’s so hard to choose…But I think the moment when we picked up an RV (Recreation Vehicle) last year when we were travelling across the U.S. I was outside the RV giving directions to get out of the car park as Hanna said she would drive first (neither of us had ever driven an RV!). I looked at Hanna as she was trying to drive, she was so tiny in the drivers seat turning the steering wheel of this great big RV! At that moment I couldn’t help but smile, I realised how far we had came together – we were in the middle of LA, we’ve published 2 books together, now on a big road trip across the United States promoting our books in an RV, all whilst ticking off our bucketlist! It was surreal and a memory I won’t forget. Hanna:  Oh how could I choose?  From smelling our first book together, laughing until we cry over 9 hour phone convos, to when she held a protest party for me or all those summer days scooting around Bondi … But I might have to say our 3 month road trip across the US, from Hawaii to New York-that was such an amazing trip full of crazy memories daily! From picking up a hitchhiker who changes his plans to take us on one of the most beautiful hikes in the world (NaPali Coast, Kauai), to dancing around the streets of NYC, swimming in secret caves with the locals in Hawaii, camping at McDonalds in our big RV or getting caught by LAPD (who ash loves!) when innocently climbing to touch the hollywood sign… There really wasn’t a dull day during those months!  


What are the qualities that each other has, that you wish you had? Ash:  Story telling! Hanna is the best story teller I know. She will captivate a stranger from the street with her stories! She has this beautiful, passionate happy persona which just grasps you in for any time she begins to tell a story. Wherever she goes, there is always a story when she gets back – even if she just went to the grocery store! Also, her stories are never short and you will always be laughing at the end of them! Hanna: I really admire that Ash has no fear of failure. Like none at all, which is very rare. She just goes for it-whatever it is! And she aims for the stars. I find it a really wonderful quality that I truly admire!


How do you show each other what she means to you? Ash:  When the other brings some surprise back for the other person. Usually it’s food orientated – a Banjo bear been a favourite – we love the other one to bits (we’re very easy to please) when that happens! When you work and see each other a lot it’s really easy to take each other for granted. We realised that we were doing that to each other. So what we now do is set aside time each week to just be with each other and do whatever fun thing we want to do. Whether it’s going on an adventure, doing a photo-shoot, going to breakfast or swimming in the ocean.  Recently we’ve been spending times at cafes and interviewing each other… We’ve been asking a bunch of questions to each other and getting to know each other even more. Just learning about each others past, growing up, their dreams & goals – as there is so much that you think you know about a person, but you then realise there is so much you don’t know! The biggest gift is giving each other the time to listen and truly just hang out and be with each other. Smiling, not worrying or stressing about anything – as that is when we see how much we mean to each other. Hanna: I know she loves me when she calls me one of her many nicknames for me – they’re all a way to tell me off but in a sweet way 😉  She knows i love her when i share my food! I hate to share my food so when i do she really feels the love  😉


If you could gift any piece of PANDORA jewellery to each other to show her your appreciation, what would it be? Ash: I would get her the: EVERLASTING GRACE PEARL & CUBIC ZIRCONIA SILVER RING. Because it’s got black & white – her favourite colours and has a big gorgeous pearl in the middle. I love pearls and so does she. It also stands out for a statement piece – which she loves! I feel she would love it and I would want something she would absolutely love as then I know she would wear it everyday, and it would be a small reminder of how much I appreciate her wild, crazy free spirit in my life! Hanna: I’d get her the double leather woven bracelet, a few of them (Brown & the Pearl) as she always has a bunch of them! Ash loves leather, and I love how they have the little friendship charm on them. I know she would wear them all the time (on the boho none preppy days) and they’d be the reminder that I do love and appreciate her, even when I don’t share my food 😉


Always spoil your best friends – they deserve it because they’re keepers! 

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