Our junior writer Jordyn Christensen takes off to Bells…..

As we find ourselves at the tail end of March once again, we reluctantly send summer off with a final wave. With that being said, there’s something strangely refreshing about the inevitable April rain… and what better way to embrace the change of season than head twelve hours south to SURF CITY, Torquay, Victoria.


After the painful but inevitable traffic route that is getting out of Sydney on the Thursday night of the Easter long weekend, we were on our way…and while twenty six hours of driving in four days doesn’t seem particularly appealing, when you’ve got your best friend, R Kelly, and the promise of some killer waves on the other end, how could you possibly say no!


The Ripcurl Pro was calling our names, to fan girl over the best surfers in the world, tackling one of the best breaks in the country. The longest running professional surf event had just hit 55 years old and was every bit as exciting as our little hearts could take. Being one of the most iconic events of the World Championship Tour for good reason, waves 6 – 10ft and offshore, known to those in the business as being “one and a half over head” made the perfect conditions for all the carving and shredding we could possibly hope for. We watched in awe from the beach, amongst hundreds of others, all for a glimpse of our favourite athletes and if we were lucky a high five or an autograph as they came out of the water after their heats.


We tensely awaited the judges scores to see who would be heading onto the next round and escape elimination. With Aussie favourites Julian Wilson, Mick Fanning and current world number one: Matt Wilkinson all through to the quarter finals it became harder and harder to bear the thought of driving back to Sydney at the end of the long weekend, with a week of competition still to go ahead.


Time moves slower outside of the daily grind, but with competition this hot it was also somehow gone in the blink of an eye. And while there are few things more iconic than an Australian summer, an Aussie easter in Victoria comes pretty dang close… especially when you find yourself walking to your car next to Julian Wilson at the end of a competition day [queue boyfriend hyperventilating with excitement]. But all’s well that ends well with a fairytale finish, Aussie Matt Wilkinson taking out his second event of the year and holding onto the coveted yellow (number one) jersey… and while watching the final on TV didn’t quite have the same energy, we’re stoked nonetheless.


Love you Sydney, but take me back to Bells.

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Photo grid: courtesy of @ripcurl_aus





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